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By and Large a Positive Recovery, Homeowners Say

发布者 Irene and Ricky on 七月 17, 2019

According to 66 percent of homeowners, their homes have recovered in value, and at a higher level than prior to recession—this, despite 46 percent who believe their homes were impacted negatively in that period, new research shows.

While there are adverse echoes of the recession today, in the housing market, many have been minimized, according to a Bankrate survey. In the aftermath of the crash, affordability has improved for 23 percent of respondents to the survey; only 11 percent are eschewing homeownership today.

Twenty-one percent, however, believe their homes have not recovered in worth—aligning with the 23 percent who believe their financial outlook overall has worsened. Despite the downturn, 29 percent of Americans have not changed their financial habits since.

“While the current economic expansion is on track to set a record for duration, there will be a downturn at some point. We just don’t know when,” says Mark Hamrick, senior economist analyst at Bankrate. “That’s why it is critically important for Americans to try to save now for emergencies and for retirement while paying down or paying off debt. Don’t wait to prepare until after it is too late, when a financial storm has already arrived.”

News by: Suzanne De Vita

From: Rismedia

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